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As an employer you are ultimately responsible for the health & safety of your employees.

How do I ensure I'm doing all that I can for our yoiung workers? It's a huge responsibility...where do I start?

Promote and maintain a safe workplace. Here's what you can do to educate yourself and put your knowledge into practice on the job site. Help protect your young workers.

What Laws Apply to You? – It all depends on your job's location and the nature of your work.

The Real World – It could happen to anyone. And unfortunately for these young workers it did.

Helping Hands – Volunteering? You face the same hazards as a paid employee.

Employers...It's Your Responsibility – Exactly where do your responsibilities start and end?

Spread the Word – Posters, video clips, games and quizzes on workplace health & safety.

Details, Details – All the fine print about hours, wages, vacation time, etc.

Looking for More? – Other reliable sources of health & safety info.

Initiatives & Programs – Engage young people's ideas and energy with these health & safety programs.

Employee Rights – Every worker in Canada has three rights. Do you know what they are?

Job Hazards – Descriptions and hazards of jobs commonly held by young people.

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